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STRETCH Precision Ghost 16" AR15 Barrel (Sniper Grey)


Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.

  • Product Description

    The (GEN 2) STRETCH Precision 16" Ghost AR15 Barrel is top of the food chain when it comes to premium AR15 barrels. The Ghost features check fluting in the front and straight flutes in the back. These distinctions aren't just for show. The design shaves weight and aids in cooling. This is a custom, hand-lapped, precision AR15 barrel and it happens to be the barrel of choice for a large number of competitive shooters and law enforcement agencies. Its guaranteed accuracy and soft shooting appeal can’t be denied.  What really sets the STRETCH 16 Precision AR15 Barrel apart is its "stretched" or intermediate length gas system. The Ghost Intermediate Length gas system is 2" longer than the Mid Length gas system. The longer the gas system, the softer shooting the rifle is. The STRETCH Precision Ghost AR15 Barrel is one of the softest shooting and most versatile AR15 barrels on the market. Complete Barrel Assembly includes an intermediate length Gas Tube and thread protector.

    *Hand Lapping is a process that deposits lead evenly inside the barrel which smooths the bore and eliminates the need for a lengthy break-in process. A smooth bore is by all definitions a more accurate bore.

    • 16" Precision AR15 Barrel Assembly
    • Intermediate Length Gas System
    • Sniper Grey Cerakote
    • 416R Stainless Steel
    • Chambered in .223 Wylde (shoots 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington)
    • Standard Profile (medium) with check flutes and straight flutes
    • Button Rifled, 1/8 Twist Rate
    • M4 Feedramps
    • Weighs 1.75 lbs

    *Be wary of cheap imitations and copies- If it doesn't say STRETCH Precision, it is not one of our custom world class barrels.

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    1. Wow!

      First time I called, I got their voicemail. And just when I was thinking to myself that companies like these never speak with anyone on they phone, they called me back! Literally answered all my questions and gave me helpful information regarding things I hadn't yet considered for my build like hand guard length, barrel nut and suggested torque. FREE Priority shipping was unexpected and much appreciated. Haven't quite finished my build yet, but very happy so far. on May 4th 2017

  • Warranty Information

    STRETCH Precision guarantees its barrels against defects and provides customers with a gold standard accuracy guarantee.

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